Animal Lovers Guide to Super Bowl Commercials

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Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial was one of the most buzzed about and beloved Super Bowl commercials. It was also a labor of love. Check out the LA Times article on how the The 60-second commercial posed challenges for the actors, crew members and animal trainers involved in the elaborate production.,0,5332533.story#ixzz2sONBlTKI

Originally posted on Mike's Pet Tales:

     Unless you’ve been stuck in a frozen snow drift or on an Atlanta interstate for the past few days you know this weekend is the big, huge event that everyone looks forward to and spends all day Monday breaking down:  The annual Pets and Product Placement Presentation known as Super Bowl Commercials.  I post a lot of things on my Facebook page about how people use animals toImage promote their business or product, so I think it’s neat how the commercials do this.  When I was researching this, I found several groups that have their own top 10 lists for Super Bowl commercials involving animals.

    I’m not going to bore with you my top 10 list because I don’t think I could even name 10 Super Bowl commercials with animals.  I will say that my favorite one from last year is the one with the Clydesdale trainer…

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Fetch! Four-Legged Tales: A story from our pet sitter Neil

Fetch Pet Care‘s Four-Legged Tales contest has been extended with a $100 runner-up prize! You can vote for your favorite up to once a day:
Here’s our pet sitter Neil’s Four-Legged Tale

Story Title: A Lesson Learned

Four-Legged Tale: My story is about Brandi the Pit Bull Terrier and how she taught my wife Wendy tolerance and acceptance.  Early on after I started with Fetch Pet Care we did boarding in our home.  I received a call from the dispatcher with a job to care for Brandi in our home.  I had no problem with this but Wendy was having no part of this.  She didn’t want to have a Pit Bull Terrier in our home and around our dogs.  She had heard all of the negative press about that breed and didn’t trust having her in our home.  I talked Wendy into meeting Brandi and her owners and if she still wasn’t comfortable with it we could turn the assignment down.  Brandi wasn’t what Wendy thought she would be.  She was shy and immediately rolled onto her back and submitted to our dogs. After an hour long consultation we agreed to take the assignment.  Brandi came to our home a short time later for the service.  She was very polite and just wanted lots of love.  Wendy grew very fond of Brandi even sitting with her in the chair with her (we found out after the services and showing the owners this picture of me with Brandi in my lap she wasn’t allowed on the furniture-oops!).   Wendy learned that this breed has been given a bad rap and doesn’t deserve the negative press they have been given.  We haven’t seen Brandi in a few years as we quit doing boarding, but are thankful that she came into our lives.
Charity Name: The shelter we are choosing is the Nevada Humane Society.  Upon a visit there years ago we found way too many Pit Bull Terriers there and they are also a no kill shelter.

Happy Holidays from Fetch! Pet Care of Reno

Happy Holidays from Fetch! Pet Care of Reno

We want to take this opportunity to personally thank all of our clients for allowing us to care for their pets this past year. For 2014, we look forward to continuing to provide area pets with a safe and happy experience where they get their way every day!

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday. May this New Year bring you peace, happiness, and prosperity!

Pet Proofing your Home for the Holidays

Our Fetch! Corporate office posted these tips and we’d thought they were worth sharing…

November officially kicks off the holiday season! Nothing says the holidays like turkey, decorations and family. But while you’re hauling in the tree and baking holiday treats, remember to consider how these things can affect your pet. In an effort to help your kitty or pup avoid any holiday accidents, here are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

Tempting holiday treats may cause harm

DON’T feed your pet Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey and other poultry have small brittle bones that pose a choking hazard to animals. Avoid feeding your pet any turkey.

DO guard your left overs. Make sure all of your leftovers are in a secure place and that the garbage is not within your pet’s reach.

DON’T feed your pet your dessert. It’s tempting to share your holiday pies and treats but these foods can cause your little guy a big stomachache. Treats with chocolates are absolutely off limits, as they are highly toxic and deadly to dogs.

DO stick with your pet’s regular diet to avoid any stomachaches or trips to the vet. If you want to give your pet a festive treat, take a trip to the pet store for a pet appropriate surprise!

Decorations should bring cheer not fear!

DON’T let your pet play with the Christmas tree. Tree decorations, lights and pine needles can all cause serious problems for your pet if they are digested.

DO trim low hanging tree branches that your pet may see as a tempting toy or treat!

DON’T let your pet drink from the tree’s water bowl. Stagnant water can grow bacteria that are hazardous to your pet’s health.

DO secure a Christmas tree skirt around the bottom of the tree. This will keep pets away from the tree trunk and clear of the lights, decorations, water bowl and from accidentally knocking over the tree!

DON’T leave poinsettias, lilies and mistletoe on the ground. These plants can be toxic to pets, so keep them out of licking and chewing range.

 - DO keep decorations at eye level. This will keep most hazards out of your pet’s way.

DON’T leave holiday presents under the tree or on a coffee table. Pets like to open gifts too! Holiday paper and ribbons can be deadly if they get stuck in your pet’s digestive tract.

DO speak with guests about pet safety hazards so they don’t unknowingly break the rules and put your pet in harms way.

Remember, the best present you can give your pet for the holidays is a warm safe home! We hope these tips help you and your pet side step any holiday accidents and we wish you a Happy Holidays from everyone at Fetch! Pet Care!


Client Memo: Price Changes, Billing Policy and Fetch! News

Price Changes, Billing Policy and Fetch! News:
Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hello Fetch! Families!

We sincerely want to thank you for your continued patronage as a client of Fetch! Pet Care of Reno, and the opportunity to provide care for your furry and feathered loved one. Over the past year, we have been experiencing rising pet insurance costs, as well as ongoing high gasoline prices. As a result, we find it necessary to change our rates for some of our services beginning November 1, 2013. New rates for the following services are:

    In-home overnight sitting – $60 up to 2 pets, $5 each additional pet; $54 up to 2 pets and $5 each additional pet for 7+ consecutive days.

    Private Boarding – $50 first pet, $25 each additional pet; $45 first pet, $22.50 each additional pet for 7+ consecutive days.

Book services now through the end of the year by October 31, 2013 to lock in old pricing!

We will also be implementing a new billing policy effecting November 1, 2013.

Mid-Month Billing: We will be adding a mid-month billing. For regular clients, you’ll still receive a monthly service order showing the entire month’s service. On the 15th your credit card will be charged for half the service order. The remainder will be processed on the last day of the month as usual. For vacation pet care clients, this means your service order will be processed after the service has been completed on either the 15th or 30th of the month, whichever is sooner.

Deposits: We will require a 50% deposit on any service order that exceeds $400.

Holiday Booking: In order to secure your pet sitter and confirm your holiday booking for private boarding and in-home overnight care, we will require a 25% deposit. The deposit is refundable if services are cancelled more than two weeks prior to the service start date. If cancelled less than two weeks, the deposit is forfeited – this is to compensate pet sitters who may have declined other pet sitting jobs during our busy holidays. The holiday booking policy applies to services that begin up to 3 days prior to New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And finally, we have some news to share – Fetch! Pet Care is expanding! Fetch! Pet Care and Lucky Mutts have merged, now offering an even larger selection of services, additional service coverage, and more than 30 pet-loving professional pet sitters in the Truckee Meadows.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to work with our clients to find solutions that work for you and your pets!

For the pets,
The team at Fetch! Pet Care of Reno


Shake: Hilarious High-Speed Photographs of Dogs Shaking by Carli Davidson

Dogs are amazing! Did you know that a dog can shake roughly 70 percent of the water from its fur in four seconds? A dog’s loose skin increases the speed at which the water is whipped away while the dog’s backbone goes back and forth only 30 degrees. But it’s not just a super efficient way to rid their hair of water – it’s also pretty darn funny looking.

Published just today, Shake is a new book of photos from Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson who used a high speed camera to capture hilarious freeze-frame shots of various dogs mid-shake. The amusing portraits seem to transform ordinary pets into strangely distorted animals right out of a cartoon. Known for her candid and heartfelt portraits of pets and wildlife, Davidson first began photographing animals while working with the animal care team at the Oregon Zoo. Shake was partially inspired by her own dog Norbert whose drool she regularly scrubs from the walls of her home due to his frequent shaking.

To accompany the book Davidson also teamed up with the folks over at Variable to make a slow motion montage of numerous dogs shaking and rolling their heads. That’s two whole minutes of glorious HD drool. Shake features a total of 130 high speed photos of 61 dogs, some of which are also available as prints.

3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Fetch Pet Care of Reno:

We love great pet advice. Here’s 3 easy steps to clean out your dog’s ears!

Originally posted on Fetch! Pet Care of Clear Lake:

Great article from!
3 Easy Steps to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

Pet Advice

Dogs, primarily with flappy ears, are prone to ear infections.   If you can clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis, it can help prevent ear infections and/or illnesses associated with the ear. Some dogs have very little ear buildup and simply need their ears wiped out occasionally. Other dogs need thorough ear cleanings every week or two. Inspect your dog’s ears regularly and talk to your vet about your specific dog’s needs.

You can do the following to clean your dog’s ears on a regular basis.

Ear Cleaning Supplies

Below is what you need to clean your dog’s ears at home:

Ear cleansing solution: Look for a high quality ear cleaner recommended by veterinarians. You can also make a homemade ear cleanser (for dogs without major ear issues) by mixing one part table vinegar…

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HIGH RISE LIVING WITH PETS – How to Keep Everyone Happy!

How can you satisfy your need for the companionship that a cat or dog offers, while assuring that your pet is having a happy, fulfilled life? How do you keep your living space attractive, clean and human-friendly while also being an animal habitat?


  1.  Clear whatever pet you intend to get with your landlord first. There’s nothing worse than getting a kitten or puppy only to find out that they aren’t allowed. If you cannot purchase a large pet, maybe you can only keep a small bird, hamster, or fish tank.
  2. Leash train your dog. Living in a vertical community that accepts pets is a wonderful experience! Since all dogs have different personalities and temperaments, keep your dog close to you when traveling through communal areas like halls and entry/exits.
  3. Carry a poop bag dispenser. Be prepared when you’re out and about, carry a poop bag dispenser on your leash.
  4. Housebreak your dog, 100%. Get a proper wire kennel or crate, and work with your dog until s/he is completely trustworthy in the house. Diligence is a must; so until your dog is completely housebroken, do not let them have the run of the house unless you can be there every minute to watch them. Keep your dog in the room with you with the other doors shut until he is 100% potty trained. Use a pet service (like Fetch!) to give your pup a mid-day potty break and keep them on a consistent schedule.
  5. Keep clean litter all the time. Some first-time cat owners discover to their dismay that Garfield leaves little “presents” for them – everywhere, if their litter is not kept clean. Soon, you will feel like you’re living in a kitty litter box.
  6. Socialize outside of your home. When introducing your dog to new dogs, its best to do so on neutral territory, such as the dog park or a nearby open space where they won’t feel territorial. Some dogs new to condo living are unsure where their territory starts and ends, so this will help them disassociate the new friend from an intruder.
  7. Vacuum often. Cats continually shed hair, and they also lick themselves (it’s that clean thing) often. The protein in their saliva binds to the skin dander or hair bits, dries, and then gets airborne with every little whiff of air that passes over it. This becomes almost a “weaponized” allergen, ever-present, everywhere, so vacuum.
  8. Brush your dog or cat often – outside. This loosens dead hair that’s about to be shed, removes dander, and keeps your dog or cat’s coat healthy and looking fine.
  9. Keep your pet healthier and happier with some safe access to exercise and play outside, whether it’s a small patio or a dog park. If you aren’t able to exercise them yourself, a professional dog walker can come to your home to take Fido for a frolic.
  10. Have your pets play with dog and cat toys. Not furniture. A cat needs to sharpen its claws. A dog needs to gnaw on things to clean his teeth and keep his gums healthy.
  11. Make regular visits to the vet and keep up immunizations. Keeping your pet healthy also insures that any messes they make are just mischief or lack of training and not illness.
  12. Keep water clean. Try an automatic water bowl.

Fetch! Pet Care of Reno offers a variety of services to help keep you pets healthy and happy! We also offer a 10% Montage resident’s discount. To find out more about Fetch! and all that we have to offer, visit

Artown’s 13th Annual Art Paws

Artown’s 13th Annual Art Paws

We are one week away from Reno’s biggest pet event! Fetch! Pet Care of Reno participates every year – stop by and see us at Artown’s 13th Annual Art Paws, Sunday, July 21 from 10am to 5pm at the McKinley Arts & Cultural Center.

So what is Art Paws? Dogs will frolic along the Truckee River, get their paws read by pet psychics, and admire their own animal art while pet parents can check out all the great vendor booths. Special features this year will include wine tasting, courtesy of l’uva Bella Wine Gallery, a bona fide beer garden, pet contests, and live music from the Smoking Bulldogs Band.

As the only canine-friendly festival in Artown, Art Paws features products and services designed to uplift the canine mind, body, and soul – and help animals in need.  All proceeds from the event will benefit local non-profit pet organizations.   Attendees are invited to vote at Art Paws to determine which three local animal-aid agencies will garner all this year’s money.

In 2012, the US Wolf Refuge, Feline Rescue of Northern Nevada, and SPCA of Northern Nevada were granted a total of $6,000.

Art Paws occurs during the month of July as part of the 18th annual Artown festival, July 2013. The month-long summer arts festival features more than 400 events produced by more than 100 cultural organizations and businesses in locations citywide, with major funding provided by the City of Reno.

Our new blog!

We often post quick tips on our Facebook page, but thought a blog would be a great place to share tales and tips from our experience as professional pet sitters and dog walkers in a more informational format. We plan to share information about pet-related events and happenings, safety tips, information about pet nutrition and well being, pet exercise tips and  so much more! Thanks for stopping by….

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